Remark of HE May Sam Oeun
First Deputy Chairman of the National AIDS Authority
Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum
19-20 June 2007

My respect to HE Keat Chhon, Senior Minister, Minister of Economic and Finance
First Deputy Chairman Council for Development for Cambodia
Chairman of Government-Development Partners Coordination Committee
My respect to Excellencies Chairman of Technical Working Groups
My respect to Excellencies Ambassadors and Representatives of donor countries
My respect to Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen Representative local and international organizations

Ladles and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the National AIDS Authority (NAA) and Co-Chair of the HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group, I would like to express my deep thanks to the forum that allows me to report on the HIV/AIDS situation in Cambodia.

The National AIDS Authority is a national institution in its entity acquiring the comprehensive and multisectoral response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Cambodia. This institution was established by the Royal Decree NS/RKM/0702/015 of 29 July 2002.

To effectively sustain the implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Response Law, the Royal Government of Cambodia, under the bright leadership of the Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen, has issued a Sub-Decree 109 of 23 October 2006 re-organizing the National AIDS Authority. This Sub-Decree, which is in line with the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia, has greatly contributed to the further enhancement of the Universal Access and the implementation of the United Nations' three-one principles. This has allowed the NAA to be:

  • leading multisectoral coordination entity in the HIV/AIDS response;

  • leading One HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan and Action Framework and;

  • providing support for One country level monitoring and evaluation system.

I am very pleased to inform you that Cambodia has emerged from a generalized epidemic and it is sustaining as a concentrated epidemic. The prevalence among adults 15-49 years old has come down to 0.6/u in 2005 as it stated in the Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey comparing to 1.9% in 2003 and 3.3% in 1997.

The creation of Technical Working Groups, specifically for HIV/AIDS sector, from the part our Government has reflected the attention, good commitment and political will of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) on HIV/AIDS.

The former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stated at UNGASS meeting in June 2005 that the world has acknowledged the success of HIV/AIDS prevention in countries like Brazil, Thailand and Cambodia which in part it constitutes another success of the Royal Government of Cambodia on the international arena. Cambodia has also in turn become a country that hosted many visitors to learn about the best practices in curbing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Despite the limited national budget, the Royal Government of Cambodia has been committed to the increase of the national budget ceiling in HIV/AIDS for every year. For example, the Royal Government of Cambodia has made double of its 2006 national budget for the 2007's. The NAA has used this budget to complement to the HIV/AIDS funds provided by donors in the HIV/AIDS response.

On 22 February 2006, the NAA launched the Comprehensive and Multisectoral National Strategic Plan II, 2006-2010 for the multisectoral and decentralized HIV/AIDS response in Cambodia.

By 2010, in the area of prevention plan, we strive that the citizens in all walks of life be equipped with HIV/AIDS knowledge and HIV/AIDS Law and they will have good capacity in accessing with preventive measures and commodities such as condoms and HIV testing, etc.

Cambodia joined the recent UN Conference that stated that: "all the State Members considered HIV and AIDS as the world disaster, which required top priority in allocating of resources in the response that is based on the Human Rights principles".

The recent International Conference on AIDS in Toronto, Canada has stated an objective that by 2010, the HIV/AIDS Universal Access to the prevention, care, treatment and support would be a privilege.

Cambodia has been able to substantially curb the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This is resulting from the concerted efforts of legislators, the Royal Government of Cambodia, the religious leaders, local authority, and people living with HIV/AIDS, the citizens and the good partnership with donors, local and international organizations, private sectors and civil society.

In spite of its substantial success on HIV/AIDS, this does not mean it is totally controllable; the HIV/AIDS epidemic is still spreading out to the dense and rural areas of the country.

To fulfill the mandate assigned by the RGC and in reference of the UN three-one principles, the NAA considers the resource mobilization as a priority. We would like to make an appeal to the international community, donor countries to continue their funding supports in collaboration with Cambodia to effectively sustain the HIV/AIDS response.

May I use this opportunity to express my humble gratitude as well to the donor countries and development partners for their current supports in the HIV/AIDS response till it reaches the success, and the Cambodian people are proud of it.

I would like to thank your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen in this forum for paying a great attention to my remark and wish you all a good success.

Thank you

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