The Joint Monitoring Indicators
Mutual accountability or donor conditionality?


H.E. Chhieng Yanara
Secretary General


Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum (CDCF)
June 20th 2007


Background to the JMIs

  • Established in December 2004

  • Identified by TWGs & monitored by the GDCC

  • New JMIs are discussed & agreed at GDCC

  • New JMIs are then endorsed at CDCF

  • JMI formulation is guided by agreed principles


JMI Principles

JMI principles were agreed in December 2005:

  • Based on activities linked to NSDP targets and reforms

  • Identified with a responsible government institution

  • A realistic timeframe

  • Financial and human resources identified

These were augmented in the 2006 GDCC-TWG Review:

  • JMIs should reflect “joint” priorities and actions

  • JMIs should be highly selective – not routine functions

  • New arrangements for selection, monitoring & approval

“RGC leadership should be enhanced in the context of partnership”


Encouraging Progress…

  • “No news is good news” - most of the 12 JMIs were implemented in full or have made progress

  • Many TWGs report working effectively to identify, fund and implement agreed priorities

  • 20 new JMIs are clustered around the NSDP and build on 2006 foundations

  • “Orphan” JMIs – including rural water – will be found a home

  • Promising signs of increasing and maturing mutual accountability


…but some remaining challenges

  • An ambitious and challenging reform agenda will take more time – should JMIs be more incremental?

  • Some remaining – or growing? - concerns about partnership and engagement

  • Some of the JMI principles have not been fully applied – part of the learning process?

  • Increasing signs of a reversion to conditionality in the negotiation and inclusion of some new JMIs


If the cart is heavier than the horse…

…then we lose our direction and momentum


Our task - to endorse the new JMIs as well as the underlying

  • Recognise the incremental nature of progress

  • Acknowledge the complexity of reform

  • Consider what ownership really means

  • Revisit the lessons on conditionality

  • Recognise the value of partnerships

  • Re-engage in challenging areas of reform

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