French pledge for the Multi Year Indicative Funding Framework 2007-2009

France appreciates the transformation of the Consultative group co-chaired by the Royal Government of Cambodia and the World Bank into this Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum. This evolution reinforces the appropriation process. In a continued spirit of partnership and transparency, it will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of aid effectiveness.

I would like to take this opportunity to stress that the French Government is happy to see the World Bank continue to playa key role in the coordination of aid to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

I would like also to emphasize the common interest for all development partners, including the emerging donors, to join this new forum.

France will pursue its effort to foster reform and development in Cambodia. Disbursements will amount to 19,3 millions in the year 2007. Still indicative for the following two years, due to our budgetary rules, our pledge should reach 27.8 million in 2008 and 22.5 million in 2009. A total amount of nearly 91 million US dollars for the three years period.

Of this amount 88 % will be made of grants.

According to the Bilateral Framework Agreement signed between the Royal Government of Cambodia and France and updated earlier this year, we shall focus on three main areas:

- Millennium Development Goals,

- State of law and good governance,

- Higher education, research and cultural diversity.

In terms of MYIFF classification,

- 43 % of the financing will go to the social sector,

- 19 % to the economic sector,

- 26 % to the physical infrastructures.

I would like, in closing my remarks, to mention that 20 % of our aid is dedicated to technical assistance and precisely used in training and capacity building programs.

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