Ministry of Economic and Finance
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No. 007


Phnom Penh,   April 4,  2000


Prohibition the importing of all kind of used shoes and bags
to the Kingdom of Cambodia


            Checking on the abnormal event, involved in activities, and circulation of used shoes and bags commodity in the Kingdom of Cambodia for years, Ministry of Economic and Finance would like to inform to Mr. Mrs. representing import and export companies and all the businessmen who used to import the above commodities that imported goods for commerce, which are every kind of used shoes and bags, will be considered the banned commodities for importing to the Kingdom of Cambodia commence from 15 April 2000. On the other hand, for the above goods, which are already loaded on the vessel in overseas before the above date, they are permitted to import by applying to the former procedures.

            Therefore, May you be informed and apply to the content of this announcement as best as you could to avoid eventual difficulties in your exploitation.


Senior Minister
Minister, Ministry of Economic and Finance 

Keat Chhon

- Council of Minister
- Customs House
- Chronicle document

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