ACLEDA .. Association of Local Economic Development Agencies
ADB .. Asian Development Bank
ADD .. Accelerated District Development 
AFD .. Agence Francaise pour Developement, France
ASEAN .. Association of South-East Asian Nations
AFTA .. ASEAN Free Trade Area 
AICO .. ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Scheme 
AIA .. ASEAN Investment Area
AusAID .. Australian Agency for International Development
BOT/BOO .. Build, Operate and Transfer/Build, Own and Operate
BMC .. Budget Management Centers
BSEC .. Budget Strategy and Enforcement Center, MEF
CADF .. Civil Aviation Development Framework 
CAR .. Council for Administrative Reform, Council of Ministers
CARD .. Council for Agricultural and Rural Development
CARDI .. Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute 
CDAF .. Council for the Demobilization of Armed Forces, Council of Ministers
CDRI .. Cambodian Development Research Institute
CIAP .. Cambodia-IRRI-Australia-Project
CSOs  .. Civil Society Organizations
CDC  .. Council for the Development of Cambodia
CDC/CRDB .. Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board/CDC
CDF .. Comprehensive Development Framework, World Bank
CIB .. Cambodia Investment Board/CDC
CG .. Consultative Group 
CIDA .. Canadian International Development Agency
CNPA  .. Cambodian National Petroleum Authority..
CMAC .. Cambodia Mine Action Centre
CoM .. Council of Ministers
CPA .. Complimentary Package of Activities, Ministry of Health
CTA .. Cambodian Telecommunications Authority, MPWT
CRDC .. Commune Rural Development Committees, MRD
CVAP .. Cambodia Veterans Assistance Program 
DCR .. Development Cooperation Report for Cambodia
DFID .. Department for International Development, United Kingdom
DHO .. District Health Office, Ministry of Health
DPWS .. Department of Provincial Water Supply, MWRM
DTEE .. Department of Techniques, Economics and Extension, MAFF
EAC .. Electricity Authority of Cambodia
EIA .. Environmental Impact Analyses
EDC .. Electricite du Cambodge
EENT .. Eye-Ear-Nose-Throat
EU/ EC  .. European Union/ European Commission
FAO .. Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations
FDI .. Foreign Direct Investment
GDP .. Gross Domestic Product
GMS .. Greater Mekong Sub-Region
GS-CDAF  .. General Secretariat, Council for the Demobilization of Armed Forces
GSP .. Generalized System of Preferences
Ha. .. Hectare
HC .. Health Centers, Ministry of Health 
HCP .. Health Coverage Plan, Ministry of Health 
HRMIS  .. Human Resources Information Management System 
ICORC .. International Committee for Reconstruction of Cambodia
IFAD .. International Fund for Agricultural Development.
IIPP .. Integrated Investment Priorities Program 
ILO .. International Labour Organization, United Nations
IMF  .. International Monetary Fund
IOs .. International Organizations
IOM .. International Organization on Migration
IPP .. Independent Power Producer
IRRI .. International Rice Research Institute
ITU .. International Telecommunications Union, United Nations
JICA .. Japan International Cooperation Agency
MAFF .. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
MEF .. Ministry of Economy and Finance
MFN  .. Most Favored Nation
MFIs .. Micro‑finance institutions
MIME .. Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy
MLMUPC .. Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
MoE .. Ministry of Environment
MoEYS   .. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
MoH .. Ministry of Health 
MoH-COCOM  .. Coordinating Committee, Ministry of Health
MoINF .. Ministry of Information
MoP .. Ministry of Planning
MoWVA .. Ministry of Women’s and Veterans’ Affairs
MPA .. Minimum Package of Activities, Ministry of Health
MPWT .. Ministry of Public Works and Transport 
MPP .. Municipality of Phnom Penh
MPTC .. Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
MRD .. Ministry of Rural Development
MT .. Metric Tonne
MW .. Megawatt
MWRM .. Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
NAA .. National Audit Authority
NBC .. National Bank of Cambodia 
NEAP .. National Environmental Action Plan
NEC .. National Election Commission
NGOs .. Non-Government Organizations
NPRD .. National Program to Rehabilitate and Develop Cambodia
NPAR .. National Program for Administrative Reform
ODA  .. Official Development Assistance
OD .. Operational Districts, Ministry of Health
OECD .. Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD/ DAC .. Development Assistance Committee, OECD
PAP .. Priority Action Programs
PEP .. Public Expenditure Program
PIP .. Public Investment Program
PIMS .. National Public Investment Management System
PPWSA  .. Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority 
PSI .. Pre-Shipment Inspection mechanism
PRDC .. Provincial Rural Development Committees, Ministry of Rural Development
RDB .. Rural Development Bank
RCAF .. Royal Cambodian Armed Forces
RGC .. Royal Government of Cambodia
RH .. Referral Hospitals Ministry of Health
RN  .. Route National 
SEDP .. Socio-Economic Development Plan, 1996-2000
SEILA  .. (Khmer word for “foundation”; Government Rural Development Program
SMEs .. Small-to-Medium sized Enterprises
SOEs .. State-Owned Enterprises
SWAP .. Sector-Wide Approach to Programming
TA  .. Technical Assistance
TdC .. Telecommunications du Cambodge, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
TOFE .. Tableau des Opérations Financières de l’Etat
TVET .. Technical Vocational Education and Training
TSN .. Transitional Safety Net
UN .. United Nations
UNDP  .. United Nations Development Program
UNDAF .. UN Development Assistance Framework
UNESCO .. United Nations Educational & Scientific Cultural Organization
UNFPA .. United Nations Fund for Population Activities
UNICEF .. United Nations Children’s Education Fund
UNAIDS .. United Nations Fund for Aids Prevention
US$ .. United States Dollar
UXO .. Un-exploded ordnance
VAT .. Value-Added Tax
VDC  .. Village Development Committee, Ministry of Rural Development
VHF .. Very High Frequency
WB .. World Bank
WTO .. World Trade Organization
Y2K .. Year 2000

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