TWG Network Meeting on Development Effectiveness

27-28 February 2012


CRDB/CDC organized a TWG Network meeting on Development Effectiveness on 27-28 February 2012 in Sihanoukville. The meeting brought together TWG Chairs/Co-chairs, TWG secretariats, development partner focal points and Heads of Cooperation, as well as representatives of civil society and CRDB/CDC focal points to each TWG.


The objective of the meeting was to reflect on: (1) the effectiveness of dialogue arrangements and options for a revised aid architecture; (2) progress in using the implementation tools (PBAs, JMIs, major reforms) to strengthen country systems, improve public service delivery and promote development effectiveness; and (3) monitoring and mutual accountability in the development partnership. The meeting was intended to reach a broad consensus on matters related to development cooperation policy priorities and an approach towards strengthening coordination arrangements for dialogue and monitoring using a results-based approach. This would provide important inputs to the updating of the current policy framework on development cooperation management in 2013.

A discussion note provides background on each of these issues and the agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here. The NSDP Mid-term review, the 2011 Development Effectiveness Report and the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation were the principal inputs to the dialogue.

The meeting began with an update on the NSDP Mid-term review and a summary view of current development priorities strategies and monitoring arrangements.


Monitoring the partnership and its effectiveness

A presentation of results frameworks provided an overview of results chains and the linkage to national, sectoral, project level results frameworks. They showed that the management functions: planning; budgeting, implementing; monitoring; and evaluation require focusing on results. Discussion focused on 3 main topics:

  • Identifying priorities for strengthening and linking national, sectoral, project level results frameworks and their linkage to JMIs

  • JMIs arrangements

  • Establishment of  a Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results

Promoting development effectiveness-DER 2011 & Busan

Main messages of the 2011 Development Effectiveness Report, the Busan outcome documents, and the most relevant aspects of the outcome documents for Cambodia were showed in a presentation of development effectiveness in Cambodia. Discussion focused on 3 main topics:

  • Progress of PBA implementation, identify challenges and solutions

  • Development of a pilot country systems assessment tool

  • TWGs needs for CRDB/CDC support to strengthen PBAs, country systems and the implementation of core reforms

Partnership and dialogue

Effective partnership and dialogue mechanisms were also presented and followed by CSOs presentation on their participation in development effectiveness and post-Busan. Discussion focused on 3 main topics:

  • TWG performance, particularly, on dialogue and partnership which includes opportunities in extending partnership with south-south partners, private sector and civil society

  • Identifying major issues to be addressed in order to strengthen partnership

  • The need for further CRDB support to improve effective dialogue and coordination

TWG review and reporting template was prepared to support the discussion in the three main sessions. Each TWG reported the results of the discussion in the template and it can be viewed in a table below:



TWG Name



Agriculture and Water

Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation

Decentralization and De-concentration

Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation


Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation


Presentation Presentation

Food Security and Nutrition

Review Template Review Template

Forestry and Environment

Review Template Review Template


Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation


Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation


Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation

Infrastructure & Regional Integration

(not reported)



Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation

Legal and Judicial Reform

Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation

Mine Action

Review Template, Presentation Review Template, Presentation

Planning and Poverty Reduction

Review Template Review Template

Private Sector Development

 (not reported)


Public Administrative Reform

(not reported)


Public Financial Management

Presentation Presentation

Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene

Review Template Review Template

A workshop report is available here. To follow-up the agreed actions, each TWG has been requested to discuss and validate the issues identified by participants of the Network meeting. The Partnership & Harmonisation TWG will prvide an opportunity to discuss actions taken and to promote the focus on development effectiveness in the policy work that will follow in 2012 and 2013.

Summary responses of the participants to a workshop evaluation and feedback can be downloaded here.

Other meeting documents can be viewed below: