Technical Working Group Network meeting
Development Effectiveness
held on
25th - 26th March 2013
Apsara Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap province
  Report on the TWG Network Retreat on Formulation of Development Cooperation and Partnerships Strategy (2014-2018)
  Introductory Remarks
  • Objectives for the meeting and an overview of the workshop agenda.

  • Clarifying expectations and outputs from the workshop.

  Session 1: Panel discussion with four central agencies

An overview by SNEC of the current status of preparation of and linkages between Rectangular Strategy-III, NSDP, Development Cooperation, Partnerships Strategy and other strategic documents and related sector budgeting strengthening and monitoring activities.

  Session 2: Development results and effective partnerships

CDC presentation of major findings related to the relevant use of “development effectiveness” approaches in Cambodia. Based on analytical work and interviews conducted by CDC during late-2012 & early-2013.


Comments by Japan on Development results and effective partnerships


Presentation : Evidence and Major findings

  Session 3: Promoting results-based approaches

Presentations on the proposed approach to “managing for development results” and use of “results frameworks” followed by plenary discussion and group work (see questions in note 3, overleaf).

  Presentation : Managing for Development Results: Results Frameworks by ADB
  Presentation : Promotion of results-based approaches by CRDB
  Session 4: Reporting and discussion

Groups provide feedback for plenary review and discussion


Presentation : Results Framework - The MOP Perspective for NSDP

  Session 5: Partnering & dialogue mechanisms
  Presentation : Partnering and dialogue mechanisms by CRDB
  DP discussant : Australia
  Session 6: Methods and approaches for development effectiveness
  Presentation : The Proposed Structure & Content by CRDB
  DP Discussant : World Bank
  Summary Findings and Proposals for the Formulation of a Development Cooperation and Partnerships Strategy (2014-2018) - Draft for Discussion
  Session 7: TWG discussion

TWG representatives and members will meet informally for approximately one hour to review and discuss all of the issues discussed during the workshop. TWGs may reflect on their own functioning and arrangements for the future, including to make alternative arrangements for dialogue, informal communication and sector review.

  Session 8: Concluding remarks and closing of the retreat

Confirmation of commitments and agreement on next steps.